A proposed high-quality, multigenerational housing development to be located at 1701 Mansfield Webb Rd., Arlington, TX 76002.

preliminary site plan

Lincoln Avenue Capital is in the early stages of planning a new development in Arlington to be located at 1701 Mansfield Webb Road. Our intent is to partner with the Arlington Housing Finance Corporation to develop a high-quality, multigenerational development consisting of workforce housing and independent senior living for those aged 55+.

As we move forward, it is very important to us that design align with community wants and needs.

We hosted a virtual community meeting on Monday, March 29th during which we provided an overview of the proposed project and answered community questions. To access the recorded Zoom video, please utilize the link below.

Mansfield Senior and Family Apartments – Community Meeting on March 29th at 6 PM CT:

As discussed during the meeting, we would also like to share a few studies regarding affordable developments and impacts on the surrounding neighborhoods. Please see below.

1. ‘“Don’t Put it Here!”’ Does Affordable Housing Cause Nearby Property Values to Decline?,’ The Center for Housing Policy Insights.

2. ‘Does affordable housing negatively impact nearby property values?,’ CSG

3. ‘Why Affordable Housing Does Not Lower Property Values,’ Habitat for Humanity.

4. ‘A surprising way to increase property values: build affordable housing, Washington Post.

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